So You Want to be Instafamous

When it comes to any social network today there is always a want within its users to gain some acknowledgment. On Instagram, that acknowledgment is called becoming “Instafamous”. To become Instafamous it can take a lot of time and work, but luckily there are a few pro tips and tricks that can cut that down.

Tip #: It’s All About the Timing

The time in which you upload your posts can either be extremely helpful or extremely detrimental. Say you post in the middle of the night at 4 A.M. when everyone is sleeping; do you think you’re going to get a lot of likes and interactions? No! But now say you take that same amazing post and upload it at 12:00 P.M. when everyone’s scrolling through their feed on their lunch break, then do you think you’ll get some interactions? Yes, yes, and yes! It is all about making sure your posts are seen, and timing is everything for that.

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Tip #2: Explore

Explore Instagram and see what is going on. You’ll never become famous on a site you know nothing about. So, take some time and take a look around. See who else is on the popular page and try and figure out why they’re so popular. You need to appeal to the Instagram crowd, so you need to know as much about them as possible. You can also buy instragram followers to increase your presence. Explore, explore, explore!

Tip #3: Make it Pretty

Quality is everything when it comes to becoming Instafamous. You could post a million and one pictures of your lunch every single day, but that is not what is going to help you in the fame game. Instagram users want to see eye catching uploads that will intrigue them. They would prefer one amazing picture over twenty mediocre ones, so make sure to watch your quality.

Does it take time? Does it take work? Yes and yes; becoming Instafamous takes both of those. But, don’t worry; follow the tips above and you’ll be instafamous before you even know it.

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iherb Coupon – Go Green and Enjoy a Long Life!

People seem to be tired of the complications related to modern medicines. This is the top reason that many are looking for alternative ways to deal with their health issues. The great thing about alternative health product which is mostly herbal in nature is that even if a particular product does not suit you, there is at least the surety that no harm has been done to the body. Although, if it is a chronic problem, it is best to see the doctor as some diseases may need surgery. There is a flip side to this story; alternative medicines can be expensive! However, if you are using iherb Coupon then you might save yourself a significant amount.

At times, even the doctor can prescribe certain herbal health tonics or powder in addition to his or her treatment. An example of such a product is green tea or caffeine free tea. Green tea has been used as part of Chinese medicine for centuries. It has very powerful antioxidant properties that can be helpful in preventing cancer, high blood pressure and also in keeping a check on cholesterol levels. Then there are also raw foods packed under a special process to ensure absorption of nutrients otherwise lost in cooking. You need not worry about the cost at all if you have an iherb Coupon with you.

iherb-300-lg-rectThere are antioxidants in various herbal products such as even chocolates or other supplements. Antioxidants are also present in herbs like turmeric, grape seed, milk thistle, gingko and a lot more. Use iherb Coupon to enjoy health benefits of various types of antioxidants. Although fruits and vegetables contain this vital ingredient; the fast paced life of people in the 21st century does not seem to give them enough time to look after their health and sit down to eat a wholesome meal. As a result of which supplements come as a viable solution.

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